Campus Branding Guidelines and Logos

This official logo may be copied and used on your website for purposes such as to identify us on official collaborations or to link to Wellcome Genome Campus resources. The image may not be modified in any way except to reduce it in size as required. If you have any queries please contact

To download the images, please click on the links below

Landscape configuration

Full colour (preferred version)- JPEG format (.jpg) and PNG format (.png)

Full colour with a strapline – JPEG format(.jpg) and PNG format (.png)

Black & white with a strapline- JPEG format (.jpg) and PNG format (.png)

Portrait configuration

Full colour – JPEG format (.jpg) and PNG format (.png)

Black & white- PNG format (.png)

Please email if you require a version or filetype of the Campus logo that is not available to download from this page.

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