Future plans

We want to help expand what the Campus has to offer by providing new facilities that will enhance the current offer and deliver opportunities for new activities, research and commercial endeavours. The expansion of the Campus will provide the opportunity for scientific research to be translated into real-world health applications that genome science is making possible.

As part of this growth, we want to create a place where anyone, from scientists and students to members of the public, can come to learn about this area of science and explore its applications and implications.

Working with our community

Since January 2018, Wellcome has held a number of consultation events with the local community on its plans to expand the Campus. Talking to the community and understanding local issues is helping to guide the development of our masterplan, ensuring that our approach is sensitive to these issues and that the benefits of expanding the Campus will reach beyond the current site, into local communities.

Below, you can view copies of all the materials that have been available at the public consultation events so far. 

The June 2018 exhibition contained:

  • Details of the feedback survey from the Campus and the local community
  • Concept & design approaches to planning the Campus expansion
  • Details on how we plan to create a sustainable community and work with the landscape
  • Our emerging transport strategy
  • A virtual reality walk through the proposed masterplan for the Campus expansion

WGCD_March 2018 Exhibition Boards (March 2018)

This document contains:

  • An overview of Campus and Community feedback from the earlier consultation
  • The setting of project objectives
  • Innovation driving genomic and biodata science
  • The emerging proposals and our initial thinking
  • Wellcome’s commitment to stewardship of the Campus
  • Our concept approach to sustainable growth and resilient infrastructure solutions covering; transport, the environment, energy, and health


Concept approach map (March 2018)

This map introduces our concept approach to developing the masterplan, setting out the areas for increased science research, translation, and innovation, a new communal area at the heart of the site and an area set out to provide new homes for those who will work on the Campus.

Stage 1 exhibition boards  (January 2018)

The January exhibition contained a series of information panels that illustrated:

  • The history of Wellcome and the Wellcome Genome Campus
  • Opportunities in genomic research
  • An introduction to the Plans for Growth
  • Our Initial master-planning principles


Community knowledge map – TRANSPORT (January 2018)

This map displays the local road and rail network. Participants had the opportunity to provide comments on the map, enhancing our understanding of frequent travel routes including routes to work and leisure/recreational activities as well as where they prefer to walk and cycle in the area.

Community knowledge map – AMENITIES (January 2018)

This map demonstrates our preliminary knowledge of the amenities that exist in the local area. Participants were given the opportunity to provide additional comments to increase our awareness of which facilities were well used, which could be improved, which were felt to be missing and how far individuals travel to use particular facilities.

Community knowledge map – ENVIRONMENT (January 2018)

This map illustrates our understanding of the landscape and key view points in the local area. Participants were given the opportunity to annotate the map with additional comments to help improve our understanding of key views, places for recreation and important wildlife habitats.

Future growth plans for the Wellcome Genome Campus

Wellcome Genome Campus Development

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January 2018

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We are talking to people from the local community throughout 2018 to explain our objectives and understand the various views that will shape our thinking.

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