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Founded in 2013, Global Gene Corp (GGC) is a genomics data, insights and applications company with a vision to democratise healthcare through genomics to positively disrupt outcomes for everyone. The company is creating genomics data and insights in under-explored populations – starting in India with focus on Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America – to supplement already existing genomic data from Caucasian populations; and then applying Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) and proprietary algorithms to create and accelerate tailored therapeutics development, drug discovery and stratification of patients. GGC solves the lack of genomic data diversity that is severely limiting the potential of genomics; 60% of the world’s population comprises less than 5% of genomic data and insights.

GGC has collaborators across the world – the clients (and business development pipeline) are pharmaceuticals, academia, and government institutions. GGC is supported by Sovereign-linked entities such as the Economic Development Board(EDB), Singapore and Invest India. The company has established its R&D centre in the Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridge UK and has headquarters in Singapore and presence in Boston and India. Regarding Campus collaborations, GGC continues to explore various initiatives with teams within the Sanger Institute and EMBL-EBI, as well as actively hiring from the talent pool. GGC announced the largest sequencing programme for people from Indian sub-continent in a collaboration with US biotech Regeneron (REGN) earlier in 2018. Further, the GGC team brings international connectivity and significant business connections given the leadership team’s affiliation with Harvard, PRISM/Duke-NUS Singapore and India; this has been highlighted by Singapore, Indian and Middle East delegations that have visited campus for best-practice sharing and exploring collaborations. Chairman and CEO Sumit Jamuar was invited to give a TEDx talk, “From human genome to global genome” (https://youtube/b6kFJ82wuv0), in May 2018. Early successes have been demonstrated in India; the company profile by BBC “The power of a Billion: India’s genomic revolution” was selected as one of the BBC’s best science long reads of 2017 and MIT Technology Review: “A Massive Gene Sequencing Effort is Coming to India”. GGC leadership: Sumit S. Jamuar (CEO), Dr. Jonathan Picker (co-CSO), Dr. Saumya S. Jamuar (co-CSO), Kushagra Sharma (COO) and Dr Yaron Turpaz (Chief Data & Technology Officer).

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