Senior Bioinformatics Software Developer

Salary: Salary package is fully competitive, with compensation to include stock options

Reference: SrBioDev- SES | Company: Wellcome Genome Campus


A new stealth-stage spinout of Specific Technologies (a Silicon Valley company) has partnered with the Sanger Institute’s world leaders in pathogen genomics and is now looking for a senior bioinformatics software developer to help translate scientific research technology into a robust industrial level commercial product.

Requirements include excellent software development skills, experience in development of large-scale bioinformatics data processing pipelines, quality control, automatization, TDD, knowledge of cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure), sequence assembly, MGE identification, annotation and SNP-level dendrogram computation and interpretation.  This role will eventually involve some managerial responsibilities as the team grows so being a team player and being confident with the prospect of becoming a team leader, with the ability and a desire to inspire and motivate others are additional qualities that we are looking for in a successful candidate.

The application to be developed will be put to highly demanding clinical use, and so will be built to industrial standards, and yet will constitute genuinely cutting-edge bioinformatics with the potential to have a great impact on the field, as well as on patient lives.

You will be based in our newly opened office in the BioData Innovation Centre right on the legendary Wellcome Trust Genome Campus near Cambridge.  Free Campus shuttles to and from Cambridge and number of other nearby locations are provided.

Salary package is fully competitive, with compensation to include significant stock options in the Silicon Valley tradition.

For further inquiries, please submit a letter explaining your interest, along with a CV, to: Eugene Bragin (

Hours: Negotiable

Location: Full-time

Closing date: Cambridge, UK