Atos Life Sciences Connect

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Connect with leading minds in the technology and health and life sciences industry

Join us at Atos Life Sciences Connect on Thursday 30th June

Speakers include:

Peter Coveney, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Director, Centre for Computational Science at UCL, Scientific Director of CBK Sci Con

Julia Wilson, Associate Director, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Cecilia Mascolo, Computer Scientist, Professor at University of Cambridge

Sarah Burge– Director of Clinical Integrations, University of Cambridge

Christophe Rodriquez – Biologist, Greater Paris University Hospitals

Joaquin Dopazo – Director of Bioinformatics, Andalusia Healthcare

Samantha Jones, SVP, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Atos Northern Europe

Sophie Proust, Chief Technology Officer, Atos

Gemma Holliday, Lead Cheminformatician, Medicines Discovery Catapult

Gosia Trynka – Experimental Director, Open Targets

Emmanuel Dequier – Director of Biomanufacturing Challenge, French general secretary for investment

Tim Weaving – PhD Student in Quantum Computing for Quantum Chemistry

Katharina Lauer – Senior scientific coordinator for infectious diseases & Scientific lead for BY-COVID, ELIXIR

Javier Alonso Floriano – Senior Data Scientist, Atos

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