Campus Vision

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Campus Vision

The Wellcome Genome Campus has the opportunity to build on the exceptional quality of its research to become the international centre for scientific, business, cultural and educational activities flowing from genomes and computational biology (biodata).

Advanced applications in genomics have only recently become possible due to the rapid decline in the cost of genome sequencing, which fundamentally changes the potential applications for genomics and speed of discovery.

As a global hub of knowledge and research our Vision is to drive, catalyse and lead the advance of life-changing science for the benefit of the world. We aim to clear the path between fundamental research and genomics-based solutions. We will continue to provide a place to support learning and training for businesses, scientists and the NHS and a place for research and development companies to grow and prosper.

The Campus has the opportunity to evolve further to support the UK’s position as a world leader in science and technology, attracting and retaining top talent. As a result over the next 25 years, we expect our Campus community to grow from approximately 2,600 to around 4,000, with the Wellcome Trust continuing to support and invest in us. We therefore need to develop a well-planned and considered 25-year vision for the Campus.

We are committed to telling you honestly what our plans are, listening to your views, and updating you as the plans unfold over time. This Vision document contains our initial thoughts about how our future expanded Campus might look and feel. We hope the project’s potential inspires you as much as it does us, and we look forward to continuing discussions with the community as we refine and develop this Vision.

Campus Vision
The Vision

The Vision document illustrates what the development of the Campus could look like, and the next step is to develop a masterplan that will translate this Vision into a robust and deliverable development framework.

Download the Wellcome Genome Campus Vision

The masterplan timetable is still to be determined. We envisage that it may take 3-4 years to reach outline planning permission beginning with traffic surveys and transport feasibility studies.

We will be providing further information about our timetable for the masterplanning process here on this website. Please register your interest in receiving communications about the Campus Vision.

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The masterplan will be developed through consultation with the existing nearby communities. It will assess:

  • Local road improvements
  • Local rail connections, stations and rail connectivity
  • Public transport, cycle and pedestrian improvements
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Sports centre and pitches
  • Nursery and summer schools
  • A Village Green for public events
  • A new Genome Discovery Centre for learning and engagement
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