Innovation Case Studies

Here on Campus we engage with the funding, R&D, service, and clinical communities to promote real-world utilization of the Sanger Institute’s technologies and resources.

The Institute has a proud heritage of achieving impact through rapid dissemination of its research findings, data and materials. In order that our cutting-edge research makes an impact on improving human health, further development, or translation, is often required. These translational approaches and activities vary on a case-by-case basis, and fall broadly into three types; spin-outs, licenses and collaborations.

Some of Sanger’s scaled technologies have become spin-out companies. Some research has been turned into licensed databases and resources to help disseminate knowledge and benefit the greater scientific community. It is also sometimes necessary to seek strategic commercial partnerships to help marry the formidable science base of the Institute with the capabilities of our commercial partners to add value or derisk technologies for mutual benefit. When deciding on the best application of Sanger’s research, we seek to achieve our charitable goal of creating public benefit. We interpret that goal as ensuring that we maximize the healthcare benefit of our science either directly ourselves or by facilitating others to do so, endeavouring to adopt actions that encourage and facilitate the availability of our results and products for the developing world.

Our scientists are encouraged to maximise the potential of their IP through partnerships with industry, and they are supported by mentors from industry. Alongside regular scientific activity, creating or working for a company is seen as a mark of success and offers the opportunity for academics to work with some of the best business minds in the world.

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To find out more about how we may be able to collaborate or to ask one of our business development team to give a talk on commercialisation of scientific research, please get in touch.

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