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There has never been a better time to pursue commercialisation of research, and there is no better place than the Wellcome Genome Campus to harness the intellectual property (IP) of genomics.

Already, venture capitalists and large companies are recognising our potential for rapid development of ideas and the expertise of our scientists in a setting of world class facilities and knowledge here in Hinxton. Commercial enterprises are co-locating here and embedding staff within the Campus Institutes to harness the value in collaboration and knowledge sharing.

At the Wellcome Genome Campus we have a culture where innovation is seen as an extension of our science, rather than just a revenue generator. Our academic researchers are encouraged to maximise the potential of their IP through partnerships with industry, and they are supported by mentors from industry. Alongside regular scientific activity, creating or working for a company is seen as a mark of success and offers the opportunity for academics to work with some of the best business minds in the world.


The Campus is a collaborative global hub bringing together institutes and industry. Companies are locating their teams here on Campus in the BioData Innovation Centre, our industry partners and investors are working with us on many collaborative projects and spin-outs to help transform healthcare.

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COSMIC: supporting the world’s cancer research community

In 2013, the advancing genomic revolution was increasing both the rate of cancer mutational data available and the need of the cancer research community for an accurate, centralised database to aggregate and interrogate relevant data.

For over a decade, COSMIC filled the role of organising and hosting quality data but was running the risk of not keeping pace with the exponential growth of available data that needed curating. The danger was, that over time this important resource could lose its relevance and deprive the cancer research community of a key source of up-to-date information.

Read the case study linked below, to find out how commercialising the database helped to preserve the precious data and ensure its continuity.

COSMIC case study commercialising databases technology transfer

Commercialising Science: CASE STUDIES

How do you protect and commercialise a large data source for the benefit of researchers and industry working to improve cancer treatments? Find out how the Wellcome Sanger Institute's Enterprise & Innovation and COSMIC Teams solved this problem.

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Co-location for fast- tracked innovation

Here on Campus, we believe that that collaboration and coordination across technology fields as well as the different sectors are key to driving the next wave of genomic innovation. Here on Campus, we see the interaction and in-person collaboration as hallmarks of a high-velocity innovation environment, and this is why we are offering entrepreneurial individuals an opportunity to hot-desk at the BioData Innovation Centre.  For all those who would like to connect with some of the most truly and dynamic individuals and organisations in genomics and biodata right now, apply for a hot-desking spot today.

You can download an expression of interest form here.

Hot-desking for entrepreneurs and innovators

Individual entrepreneurs and innovators who are applying a genomics or a bioinformatics focus to their work are invited to join the vibrant community of companies here on Campus, and to enjoy many of the benefits of Campus life.

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Jeff Barratt Open Targets

Pharmaceutical companies urgently need to improve their success rate in developing new drugs and are increasingly realising that the fastest route to success is through collaboration. Open Targets is a public-private initiative: we're trying to eliminate barriers by having scientists from academia and industry work side by side to translate genomic discoveries into new medicines.

Jeff Barrett, Former Director of Open Targets and Group Leader, Wellcome Sanger Institute

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The Wellcome Genome Campus is the largest hub for genomics research, bioinformatics, and associated commercial and engagement activities, in the world.

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