Eagle Genomics tackles "missing ingredient" in biopharmaceutical innovation with NVIDIA


Eagle Genomics today announced that NVIDIA joined it at the world-renowned Wellcome Genome Campus to give an insight into how AI could revolutionise biopharmaceuticals and drastically improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Part of a series of seminars entitled ‘Data – The New Currency’, the presentation revealed the vast potential of pairing the latest technological capabilities with access to quality and relevant data.

Andrea de Souza, Global Business Development Lead for Health Care and Biopharma Deep Learning at NVIDIA, led the presentations with real-world examples of how AI is already being used in all areas of healthcare from early detection, to diagnosis and treatment.

Access to data alongside deep learning is for example helping doctors understand the likelihood of tumours to develop, as well as predicting drug response to ensure the best outcome in the era of targeted therapy.

The seminar also highlighted the potential insight to be gained from the application of deep learning in the study of the microbiome, with NVIDIA reinforcing scientific thinking that “the bacterial ecology of the gut is every bit as important as the brain in the quest for a deeper understanding of human health and wellbeing.”

The theme of the presentation continually returned to the challenge of gaining access to quality and relevant data to allow deep learning technology to become more significant in improving understanding and diagnosis of disease, described by NVIDIA as “the missing secret ingredient.”

Hosts of the seminar, biodata management specialists; Eagle Genomics, introduced their solution to address this challenge, working in partnership as part of the NVIDIA Inception Program to provide curated data from a wide range of sources to enable the use of AI in healthcare. Providing a combination of software and bioinformatics expertise, the Eagle platform acts as the “Automated Data Scientist”, qualifying and collating the relevant data from which faster and more accurate insight can be achieved.

The seminar marked the first of the ‘Data – the new currency’ series hosted by Eagle Genomics at the Wellcome Genome campus. For updates on future seminars, sign up at www.eaglegenomics.com.

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