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The Wellcome Genome Campus is home to some of the world's foremost institutes and organisations in genomics and computational biology, committed to delivering life-changing science with the reach, scale, and imagination to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges.

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Aerial view of Wellcome Genome Campus

Coronavirus Guidance

Dear Visitors, As a precautionary measure, we are requesting that if either yourself or a close family member are returning from a visit to China or Hong Kong in the last 14 days, we kindly ask that you do not visit our Campus today. This is a precaution to help prevent the spread of the disease. We thank you for your cooperation and attention. Please get in touch with your personal contact at the Campus directly to re-arrange your visit for another time., or email: info@wellcomegenomecampus.org



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Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre events


The Wellcome Genome Campus runs a range of events and training for the genomics and biodata community and the general public.

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