Local community

At the Wellcome Genome Campus we have a long-standing relationship with our local communities; in fact, many of the people that work here also live locally. We take pride in being a good neighbour, regularly meeting with local community groups, including the Parish Councils of Hinxton, Ickleton, and Great Chesterford, providing an excellent opportunity to exchange news and developments on Campus and in the surrounding area.

We welcome visits to the Campus by local groups, schools and organisations. You can chat with our scientists about their cutting-edge research and share our passion for genomics. Visits and tours can be arranged through the Visit the Campus page.

The local communities also share access to our Wetlands Nature Reserve. Many of our neighbours attend events organised on the wetlands and even volunteer to help with its maintenance.

We provide support to local non-commercial enterprises for community development activities, which can range from raffle prizes for schools, fetes and local events; donations towards playground equipment, school refurbishments and other community projects.

To find out more, please contact us at info@wellcomegenomecampus.org

Fireworks night at the Wellcome Genome Campus open to the public October events, local community
Campus Fireworks Night

Every year, we are joined by our neighbours for the annual free fireworks display. Lasting two hours this event gives everyone ample time to enjoy the fireworks, sample a variety of refreshments and visit our amazing Conference Centre. Open throughout the evening, visitors have the opportunity to view its incredible interior, including the ‘Tree of Life’ that wraps the auditorium.


As a place of learning and science, the Wellcome Genome Campus takes its responsibility to mitigate the impact we have on the planet as a high priority. In line with our mission to improve human health and wellbeing, we put sustainability at the heart of our operations and reduce the demands we place upon natural resources.

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