About Congenica

Congenica is a digital health company enabling genomic medicine with the world’s leading clinical decision support platform for accelerated genomic data interpretation.

We are committed to integrating clinical genomics into healthcare. Built on a foundation of clinical genomics expertise, we develop software products and services that make the use of complex genomic data routine, accessible and ubiquitous. Our headquarters are on the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge, UK, however, our reach is global. We are driven to empower Healthcare Professionals everywhere to transform health and wellness by converting genomic data into actionable information to provide life-changing answers.

Our Software

Our clinical decision support platform is the world’s leading software for genomic data interpretation. Congenica accelerates the opportunity for diagnosis and characterization of genetic diseases, increasing throughput, and diagnostic yield, even in difficult-to-solve cases. Congenica enhances diagnostic confidence, providing a full solution from data input through to the generation of clinically actionable reports with a comprehensive audit trail. The secure, accredited and scalable platform enhances the provision of clinical information in routine practice through an intuitive visual interface and is proven to work with large volumes of data, without impacting performance, to fit the needs of any practice.

Our Impact

For patients and their families, having the answers they need quicker can help to ease the emotional burden of the diagnostic process and facilitate access to support groups and care management. As Congenica delivers clinically-actionable results, treatment can begin earlier which can lead to better patient outcomes. An accurate diagnosis also eliminates the need for further tests, which reduces the cost of care for healthcare providers.

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