Wellcome Sanger Institute

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is a world leader in genome research that delivers insights into human, evolutionary and pathogen biology. We seek to change science and medicine through the following nine ambitions:

  • To conduct leading-edge research.
  • To develop new scientific leaders.
  • To lead on major challenges.
  • To support an ecosystem realising benefits.
  • To change clinical practice.
  • To share our expertise.
  • To enable public dialogues.
  • To champion an open research culture.
  • To shape standards and policy.

In order to achieve our vision and deliver on our mission to “use information from genome sequences to advance understanding of biology and improve health”, we commit to:

  • Being an “ideas factory” identifying new frontiers of biology and application to be explored through genome sequences.
  • Being at the leading edge of the development, application and implementation of genomics technologies.
  • Conducting research characterised by large-scale data production that cannot be easily carried out elsewhere.
  • Being expert in aggregation, analysis and interpretation of large quantities of genomic data.
  • Initiating and participating in major national and international collaborative research initiatives.
  • Incubating the next generation of scientists and clinicians in genome research.

The Institute’s many successes are founded on the expertise and knowledge of the people who work there. Faculty members conceive and deliver the Institute’s science and innovation activity, driving organisational aspirations with their vision, imagination, and intellectual vigour.

Sharing discoveries and techniques with the next generation of genomics scientists and researchers, worldwide, is a vital part of the Institute’s work.


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Petabases of DNA has been sequenced by the Wellcome Sanger Institute (Jan 2021- Jan 2022)


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EMBL-EBI was founded in 1994 as a European Treaty organization. Its co-location with the Wellcome Sanger Institute offers vital synergies. EMBL-EBI provides freely available data from life sciences research and maintains the world’s most comprehensive range of open access molecular databases, used by millions of researchers in academia and industry, globally.

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