Company history

SciBite was founded in 2013, in response to a gap in robust, industry-centric text analytics solutions. Since then, the company has rapidly grown to a team of 24 and with operations in Europe, Asia and the US.

Our team

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What we do

We offer a suite of semantic technologies that takes text, in any format and extracts the scientific terminology using formal named entity recognition. It’s an incredibly fast solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Our technology is available through a Java based RESTful API, with the following capabilities:

  • Scientific ontologies, built upon open standards
  • Formal based Named Entity Recognition
  • Relationship mapping and extraction, identifying patterns
  • Elasticsearch-enabled indexing of semantically rich data
  • Live enrichment of browser-based content
  • Seamless connectivity to third-party applications, providing search and connectivity

We provide pluggable technology so that scientists can integrate semantic enrichment exactly where they need it. Fast, lightweight and simple to use, we transform data by providing technologies that understand the scientific content they process.

Our vision

Scientific search, big data analytics, literature analysis, for too long it has been a challenge to integrate, extract and analyse knowledge locked within unstructured biomedical text. Increasing volumes and varieties and sources of information are only adding to the problem. We think it is about time things changed for the better.

At SciBite, we have created a semantics-based informatics environment in which text and structured data are easily connected and can be used together for better-informed decision making.

Our achievements so far

We’re immensely proud at how quickly we’ve expanded – not just in terms of the size our team but also our international reach in three continents.

2017 has been a particularly exciting year for us so far – in addition to our move to the BioData Innovation Centre, we were awarded Best In Show at the BioIT 2017 Conference and Expo. It’s a huge accolade, especially considering the calibre of the competition we were up against. You can read about it on our blog and in this press release.

We were also over the moon to appear in Raspberry Pi’s magazine, the MagPi, for our project using their machines: SCIBITE: RASPBERRY PI CLUSTER POWERS NEXT-GEN MEDICAL RESEARCH TOOL.

Current vacancies

Click here, for the most up-to-date list of current job opportunities at SciBite.

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