Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions that visitors often want to ask before visiting the Wetlands Nature Reserve, including advice to dog walkers.
Can I bring my dog to the Wetlands?
The Wellcome Genome Campus Wetlands Nature Reserve welcomes dogs and their responsible owners. We would respectfully ask that dogs be kept on their leads, to avoid disturbing hedgerows with birds roosting and other small animals living in the Wetlands Nature Reserve.

Between May and August, birds will be breeding on the Wetlands and its important to remain on designated footpaths and away from the lake edges.

We do ask that you follow the guidelines below to make visiting the Wetlands Nature Reserve an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Scooping the Poop: Why Bother?
No-one likes dog mess, not only is it unsightly it contains many things that can make people, especially children, ill. The best known of these is toxocara canis, the eggs of which can cause bronchial conditions, aches, and pains or even blindness.

Should your dog “poop” whilst on the Wetlands, please ensure that you clear up the mess – we have a disposal facility available in Mill Lane, Ickleton, over the level crossing. Alternatively, visitors are respectfully requested to take it home and dispose of it in the correct manner.

I’ve found a sick or injured animal or bird, can you help?
Unfortunately, we do not have staff on site who will be able to help with animals or birds that you might have found. There are specific organisations that might be able to help you or offer advice:

    • Hedgehogs – British Hedgehog Preservation Society – 01584 890801


    • Bats – Bats Conservation Trust. National Bat Helpline Number (0845) 1300 228


    • Owls, wild birds or birds of prey – please call the Raptor Foundation on 01487 741140 before bringing any non-raptor to the Raptor Foundation.




If you find a fledgling (a baby/young bird) the best thing you can do is leave them be, or move them to some undergrowth. They are probably just learning to fly and so have a few false starts and need to let their heads stop spinning! Please do not bring them to the Reserve as the mother may later reject them.

I have an animal or bird that needs somewhere safe to be released; can I bring it to the Wetlands Nature Reserve and release it there?
No, please do not bring animals or birds to be released into the Wetlands, this includes frog or toad spawn. If an animal has been sick or injured, releasing them into the Wetlands may cause the spread of disease and infection to existing animals and bird living here. Animals from outside of this habitat would also find this an unknown territory and this could reduce their chances of survival.
When is the Wetlands Nature Reserve open?
The Reserve is open to the public (on foot) at all times.
Can I come fishing at the Wetlands?
Unfortunately, fishing on any part of the Wetlands Nature Reserve is prohibited.
Can I have a BBQ at the Wetlands?
BBQs are not allowed on any part of the Wetlands Nature Reserve.
Can anyone enjoy the Wetlands?
Yes of course! The Wetlands Nature Reserve is open all day every day.



Wetlands Nature Reserve

This six-hectare (15-acre) nature reserve has been specially created to provide a range of habitats for local plant and animal species. The reserve provides a natural flood-relief mechanism.

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