Wildlife management

Wildlife management and working to enhance biodiversity is key to our commitment to maintaining this beautiful wetland for all to enjoy.

Ecological and conservation activities are regularly carried out to ensure that the reserve is managed responsibly and monitored appropriately. Our long-term plan challenges everyone – Campus employees as well as members of the public, to contribute to a shared future for this special place. The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Northamptonshire has contributed expertise and knowledge to these efforts. As a result of managing the wildlife on site and enhancing biodiversity, our Campus has been fortunate enough to secure a Wildlife Gardening at Work Award, presented in recognition of the work undertaken in the Grounds and Wetlands for the benefit of wildlife. The award recognises our commitment to developing and maintaining a diverse habitat, open for all to enjoy.


Monitoring & surveying

We carry out various surveys including common bird, otter, butterfly and small mammal audits.

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