Global Gene Corp partners with Holmusk to accelerate genomics driven R&D in behavioural health and chronic disease

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Global Gene Corp– a pioneering genomics data platform and therapeutics applications company, has partnered with Holmusk- a leading global data science and digital therapeutics company to accelerate genomics driven R&D in behavioral health and chronic disease. This new partnership reinforces Global Gene Corp’s focus on personalized healthcare through novel therapeutics discovery and will allow Holmusk to further deepen its expertise in behavioral health.

The collaboration will focus on generating insights from the application of genomics, data science and state-of-the-art technology to advance precision medicine and thoroughly analyze fundamental challenges in mental health disorders and chronic diseases. The combination of Holmusk’s deep experience with Real-World Data, advanced analytics, and digital therapeutics, and Global Gene Corp’s leading capabilities in genomics research and AI/ML has the potential to uncover novel insights and develop precision solutions for people suffering from mental health disorders and chronic diseases.

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