Module 4

From Science to patients and customers

Business thinking for commercialisation and capturing value from data

DATE: 25 January 2024 (in person, 12.00pm to 17.00pm)

This session develops an initial roadmap for commercialising science to reach patients or other customers and debates the issues of innovating around human genomic data by:

  • Developing your understanding of the market landscape, customers and competitors and exploring when and how to engage with business-to-business or business to healthcare customers
  • Exploring the specific contexts of healthcare systems and pharmaceutical companies as partners and customers and the roles of the stakeholders that may influence your success
  • Understanding the importance of compelling vision and mission statements and how to craft these and clear objectives to guide your strategy
  • Navigating the complexity of innovating around human genomic data: legal considerations of creating, curating, storing, and accessing data and the ethical issues and why they matter 
  • Highlighting data creation strategies of building your own vs. partnering the resulting business models and how data is valued and priced in the context of data businesses.



Sarion Bowers, Head of Policy, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Sarion Bowers is the Head of Policy at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. She completed her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge before continuing her research in DNA packaging and gene regulation in the UK and the US. She changed careers and now specialises in science and technology policy relating to genomics. Sarion has a particular interest UK science policy, data protection and the ethical, legal and societal issues that arise from the use of genomics, including genome editing.