Module 8

Storytelling for scientists

DATE: 30 March 2023 (16:00-18:00 GMT)

Delve into the techniques of storytelling to discover how applying the tools of classic stories can help you create a compelling pitch for your start up and how it can make a difference.

  • A practical workshop to develop techniques to communicate your science and innovation.
  • Learn how to tell the story of your science to bring advisors, investors, partners, users, and customers on board.
  • Understand your audience and how to communicate with them effectively.
  • Prepare to tell the story of your science at the Grand Finale.

Kat Arney, Startup School Speaker 2021
Kat Arney, First Create the Media, Founder, Scientist, Journalist

Kat is the founder and Creative Director of First Create The Media - a communications strategy and content agency working with small and growing companies in the life sciences. She is an award-winning science writer, broadcaster, and public speaker and was a science communications and specialist and media spokesperson at Cancer Research UK for more than a decade.

First Create the Media

First Create The Media is a communications consultancy specialising in life sciences and the convergence of biology and technology. We believe that it’s not enough to do great science: it needs context, clarity and a coherent story to make an impact and attract the right kind of attention. We work with all kinds of organisations, from startups and larger companies to charities, universities, and institutes, to get their messages to the audiences that matter.