Sustainability Stars Awards

Sustainability Stars Awards

We want to recognise our sustainability champions on Campus. Nominate a colleague or team for a sustainability stars award and they could win a voucher for £50 and an invite to our celebration.

What are The Sustainability Stars Awards

These awards recognise the efforts of teams (up to 10 people) and individuals on our Campus who promote sustainable practices in the workplace.

Choose one of the six strategy themes to make your nomination. Guidance on how to select an appropriate theme is here (Fred link). This is brief and will help you write a winning nomination.

Who can I nominate for an award?

Nominate staff from GRL (Connecting Science, Sanger, Campus Estates & Facilities Management, BIC Operations ) or any of our Campus Partners (the BIC companies and

How do I nominate?
  • GRL staff please nominate via Reward Hub (on Fred orange apps tab or Okta dashboard)
    Select <recognise a colleague> square then select <sustainability stars>
  • Campus Partners (EMBL EBI and BIC Companies) please submit your nomination via this form

The window for nominating is 30 June to 30 September 2022. There will be a winners announcement at the end of October with vouchers sent out by email, then a celebration event in November.

Why sustainability matters

As a place of learning and science, we have an innate responsibility for the impact we have on the planet. There is also the opportunity for educating and influencing others to play their role in the sustainability agenda. Please visit our Campus Sustainability Strategy (link to Fred) to find out more.