Module 3

The power of your science is in your mind

DATE: 12 January 2022 (16:00-18:00 GMT)

Explore what is beyond a great idea, how to position your science, how to solve the big problems and how having the right mind-set can be a game changer. This session will cover:

  • Making your science have an impact by solving the right problem and having a big vision.
  • Secrets to discovering the problem and pivoting your thinking.
  • Fixed vs growth mindsets.
  • How can design methods help?
  • Building resilience as you develop and test ideas.

Lee Emery, Nexer Digital, Product Manager

Lee is a Product Manager at Nexer Digital, a design agency that specialises in taking a user-centred approach to designing and developing digital products and services.  Lee works with a range of clients to help them define their product vision and priorities, so they can be clear about the product’s purpose and what they are trying to achieve for their business as well as what value it will deliver for their customers, before setting out to build it.  Sounds obvious, but Lee finds this crucial stage is often overlooked or rushed in the race to find a solution. Prior to joining Nexer Digital, Lee worked in transformation in the public sector for 10 years.  Before that, she spent 15 years in the broadcasting industry, working as a television producer where she researched, scripted and directed programmes, mainly for a BBC-1 audience.

Jason Mellad, Start Codon, CEO

Jason is a scientist entrepreneur passionate about translating innovative technologies into better patient outcomes. As CEO and co-founder of Start Codon, a Cambridge based accelerator, he aims to identify and recruit the most disruptive healthcare startups worldwide, seed fund them and leverage the exceptional resources of the Cambridge cluster to de-risk and drive their success. Previously he was CEO of Cambridge Epigenetix and Business Development Manager for Horizon Discovery’s diagnostics division. He also served as an associate at Cambridge Enterprise, the technology transfer office of the University of Cambridge.